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"What a treat this book is for anyone who would like to start or is the owner of a business. Gladys Edmunds lets you into her life, her heart and her well organized mind. Small businesses are starting to fill needs by people like Gladys who find a nitch and fill it by setting goals and not letting anything stop her. This book is a perfect example and roadmap of "how to do it" and be successful."


Leo McDonough
Retired Executive, National Small Manufacturers Council



"Edmunds' book inspires and sets readers on the path toward realizing their full potential as business owners."


Black Enterprises (January 2000)



"To reach prosperity by being holistic and balanced is timely for businesses in the new century."


S. Jackson (Business Owner in PA)





"Never before has one person inspired so many in so little time as you did here in Erie. We now know that you have a great message; one that many more should hear."


Tyrone Clark, Vice Pres MGC


"I want to take this opportunity to commend you for your inspirational message to the Annual Anniversary Celebration of the Bureau of Women's Business Development. Your message was right on target for all the women business owners and future entrepreneur's present."


M. L. Harris, Deputy Sec. for
Trade, Technology & Economic Development


"Excellent and motivational. Gladys helped me to buy back my goals that I had set aside -- starting my own business."


M. Wilson - (Ohio)


"I appreciated her simplistic style. She challenged me to evaluate the process or source of a problem. Loved her examples: opinions vs. facts. And the Porcupine story was right on time."


R. Chen - (Wisconsin)


"Inspirational, informative and straightforward."


D. Callahan - (Georgia)


"Very down to earth and simplistic in her approach to problem solving."

Ed Hong - (St. Louis)


"Very energetic and down to earth. She brings the reality of life's struggles and how to overcome them. Definitely not a snoozer."


J. Decker - (Ohio)

"An excellent speaker. She is down to earth. She has motivated me to keep a positive focus on being financially independent."

M. Smith - (New York)

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