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Gladys Edmunds - Author, Columnist for USA Today,

Business Consultant, Advisor & Speaker


Gladys has always known how to get what she wants!

At age twelve, she desperately wanted a pair of Buster Brown shoes, but her parents could not afford to buy them for her. But that did not stop Gladys. She used her most mature voice and started calling local businesses, offering them cleaning services. Despite her young age and inexperience, she signed up clients quickly and then convinced neighbors and family members to work for her. She bought her shoes, and began her life as an entrepreneur.

Work Smart Not Hard

From the cleaning service she began as a young girl to the tour bus business she created while pregnant at age fifteen, to the multimillion-dollar travel enterprise, to the consulting company that she runs today, Gladys Edmunds has lived a life of successes. These days she teaches the tricks of her incredible success to others in seminars. workshops and private consulting and advising sessions.

Gladys has consulted with many Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses and start-ups

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